2. Methods

2.1 Equipment List

Equipment list:

  • 750ml/1L metal mug x 6
  • Measuring Cylinder x 1
  • 500ml Kitchen Dish Wash x 1
  • Infrared Thermometer x 1
  • Extech EX530: 11 Function Heavy Duty True RMS Industrial Multimeter Datalogger x 1
  • TP 875: Bead Wire Type K Thermocouple x 1
  • Hot plate x 1
  • 6 Pure Oil (Macadamia Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Unrefined Sesame Oil, Unrefined Avocado Oil,  Rice Bran Oil, Walnut Oil) x 1 each
  • N95 Masks/ face mask x 3
  • Oil paper x 1
  • Mug Cap x 3
2.2 Diagrams of experimental setup

Fig 1.1: Heating of Oil Experimental SetUp

Fig 1.2: Cooldown of Oil Experimental SetUp

2.3 Procedures

  1. Pour the oils into a measuring cylinder to measure 100ml for each oil  
  2. Prepare Fig. 1.1
  3. Place one of the oils into the metal mug, then place the mug onto the Hot plate and turn it on.
  4. Heat till a certain temperature, then remove it from the hot plate, then set up diagram 1b
  5. Wait until the oil starts to emit smoke, take the exact temperature using the data logger (from a safe distance)
  6. Turn off the hot plate to let it cool down before continuing
  7. Repeat the heating for another 100ml of the same oil  for each oil.
  8. Take the average temperature.
  9. Plot 1 table with the answers.
  10. Plot 1 Histogram with the table.

2.4 Risk Assessment and Management  
We Might go above the ignition point of the oil.
Very high
We will search on the ignition point and when we so the experiment we will ensure that we do not cross it.
Students may get burnt or scalded due to the hot plate or by the oil
Avoid touching the beakers of oil when they are hot. Let it cool before holding it
Poisonous fumes are emitted by the may lead to long term health problems
Students must wear mask to filter the air that they breathe in. This will reduce the chances of the poisonous fumes going into our lungs. Having a filter that filters the air would be the best so that the fumes  would not stay in the laboratory, so that the other people using the lab after us would not be affected by the gas. The experiment should be done in a fume cupboard or outside in the open.
Metal mugs must be handled properly, especially when it is hot
Avoid touching the beakers of oil when they are hot. Let it cool before holding it
Metal mugs must be able to withstand high temperatures
The mugs must be able to withstand high temperature so that it will not crack or break while being heated.

2.5 Data Analysis

  1. Tabulate the temperature and the time in which the oil starts to smoke against the type of oil
  2. Plot a histogram to show the type of oil and the temperature and time when it starts to smoke
  3. From there we can find out which oil has the highest boiling point. The higher the smoke point, the more stable is the oil. The lower the smoke point, the less stable is the oil. The less
         stable oil will break down easily and converts into carcinogens

1st Smoke Point
2nd Smoke Point
3rd Smoke Point
Average Smoke Poin
Extra Virgin Olive Oi

Extra Virgin Avocado Oi

Rice Bran Oi

Sesame Oi

Walnut Oi

Macadamia Oi

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