4. Discussion

4.1 Key findings & Analysis of Results

Fig 4.2: Summary of Data Found

From this table, we can find out that Avocado Oil has the most thermal stable molecules while Sesame Oil has the least thermally stable molecules. As the Avocado Oil has the highest smoke point of the oils while Sesame Oil has the lowest smoke point of the oils, which is also seen in the researched temperature.
We also found out that the flash point of the oil is very close to the smoke point of the oil.
The percentage for all oils would be lesser than 5%, which means that we are on the right path, with  the exceptions of Unrefined Sesame Oil, where it has a very high percentage error.

4.2 Explanation of Key Findings

As seen in the table, Unrefined Avocado Oil has the highest smoke point among all the oils we tested, this means that Avocado Oil has the most stable chemical structure of all the oils, as stated by Morgan, 2016. This would be the opposite for Unrefined Sesame Oil, as it has the lowest smoke point among all the oils, thus it has the least stable chemical structure, and would be the most unsafe for people to use.
The anomalies of Unrefined Sesame Oil may be due to our wrong expectation of the smoke point of Unrefined Sesame Oil. We estimated Unrefined Sesame Oil to be around 160℃ whereas its actual smoke point is 177℃. Thus, our wrong estimation caused the inaccurate observation.

4.3 Evaluation of Hypothesis

Our hypothesis would be proven correct as Avocado Oil has the highest smoke point among all the oil we tested.

4.4 Areas for improvement

Before doing our experiment, we did not do enough research regarding the heating of oils, which resulted in an incident regarding the oil reaching its flash point and catching fire. Thus, the pre-experiment is always important for doing not just risky experiments, but also all the experiments.

We also had a lot of changes to the experimental setup due to infeasibility, this caused us many days lost just by changing the things. Thus, what we have to do is to research more about the testing of oil setups, so that we can test using what has been done in order to fully utilise the time in the lab next time.

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