5. Conclusion

5.1 Practical Applications

The practical application is that we would be that able to use our findings, to ensure that when we cook we try to not get too close to the point when we are cooking, to decrease the chance of any harm that might come towards us. The smoke is also relatively close to the flash point of the oil, which is the point where the oil ignites by itself. 

Thus, our project would make that a point in our experiment mistakes so that people would be more cautious about the points and would like to buy oil which has higher smoke point such that they do not need to put in too many safety measurements. 

The smoke point also helps us with our choice of oil for example cooking, so that people would not want to buy sesame oil but buy avocado oil instead.

5.2 Areas for further study

We can research even further, by looking at if we mix the oil, would the smoke point be the average of the two, higher than the average, or lower than the average.

We can also research on the flash points of the different types of oil. So that common people would not pass it when we cook to try and lessen the amount of kitchen fires.

We could also do the same experiment but in a different location, we could do it again but this time in an actual kitchen, this is so that we can know what to look out for when cooking.

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